Web Scraping with Python

Searching information or collecting data is the first and essence step in many workflows, such as, stock trading, data mining, or machine learning. The web is a giant database can provide all these information. However, going to the websites and copying data manually can take hours of time and is not a feasible way for repetitive tasks.

Python has rich set of scraping libraries which you can automate the data extraction process. In this course, you will learn using Requests to download web pages and parsing them with Beautiful Soup. The extracted data will then be processed and saved to CSV files or Excel files.

This hands on course is supplemented with different examples in which students can practice with.

You'll Learn

  • Introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Installing Requests and Beautiful Soup
  • Making a Get Request
  • Download HTML pages using Requests
  • Downloading images using Requests
  • Inserting Headers and Cookies using Requests
  • Working with forms and post requests
  • Parsing a web page with BeautifulSoup
  • Searching tags by class and ID
  • Searching items using CSS Selectors
  • Looping and extracting information
  • Processing the extracted data
  • Outputting the result to a file

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