Adobe Premiere Pro training course by Computer Academy

Premiere Pro Training Course teaches video editing

Premiere Pro是一個非線性(non-linear)影像編輯軟件,其特效功能足以取代以往只能在極為高昂之器材下及剪接室才能做到的工作。

如果您想自行製作影片如錄影帶﹐VCD/DVD 等,所需要的器材只不過是電腦﹐影像capture card,攝錄機﹐但最重要都是Adobe Premiere Pro的幫助。 Adobe Premiere Pro可把不同的影片接合及分割﹐加插字幕及配樂﹐令整套影片可依您所要求而編製。

如果您對影片視覺效果要求高;您可利用Adobe Premiere Pro中的Transition effect,Motion effect,Filter effect及Transparency effect來製作高質素影片﹐因此您怎可能不選用Adobe Premiere Pro呢﹖

Premiere Pro Training Course teaches video editing

What you’ll learn

Real-World Usage of Premiere Pro

  • What kind of media is typically created with Premiere Pro?
  • Media file formats discussion
  • A typical digital video work environment setup
  • A typical Premiere Pro workflow sequence
  • Using Media Browser

Premiere Pro Project Management

  • Understanding digital video
  • Determine the playback format for final output
  • Determine media output for your Premiere project

  • Setting Up a Premiere Pro Project

  • Booting Up Premiere Pro and Choosing Project Options
  • Creating Custom Project Settings
  • Setting Premiere Preferences and Project Settings
  • Navigating the Premiere Pro workspace
  • Creating a Premiere Pro “Project”

  • Capturing Video Using Premiere Pro

  • Video capture overview

  • Video and Audio Clip Editing

  • Importing digital video and audio assets
  • Adding clips to a Timeline Sequence
  • Previewing video and audio clips in a Timeline Sequence
  • Using Premiere Pro’s editing tools
  • Markers in clips and Sequences

  • Working with Transitions

  • Understanding the utility of transitions
  • Applying transitions in Premiere Pro
  • Replacing transitions
  • Deleting transitions

  • Working with Graphic Images

  • Importing vector EPS files

  • Applying Visual Standard Effects

  • Understanding Standard Effects
  • Applying Standard Effects Over Time

  • Creating Titles

  • Accessing the Titling Options
  • Creating a Traveling Text Matte

  • Final Project File Rendering

    • Testing for final export

    Applying Visual Fixed Effects

  • Chroma key
  • Screen key
  • Luminace key
  • Blue screen key
  • Green screen key

  • Outputting a movie for CD-ROM media

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