Microsoft Powerpoint Training Course

Microsoft PowerPoint Training Course

The PowerPoint training course is the first course for candidates who want to start using PowerPoint to prepare a presentation. The course is designed from the perspectives of beginners, thus the discussion will be focused not just on the key features and also on the flow for building a successful presentation. After completing all exercises during the class, candidates will be able to prepare outlines, build slides, add stunning effects, apply transition effects, and set up presentation for slide show.

Classes are available in English or Cantonese and are held in daytime or evening time.

Microsoft PowerPoint Training Course

What you’ll learn

Beyond the basic

  • Setting up a presentation
  • Slide Setup
  • Save the settings

Quick Browse of Presentation View

  • Normal View
  • Outline view
  • Slide view
  • Notes view
  • Slide sorter

Using Outline view

  • Moving up/down a level
  • Importing text from other word processor
  • Collapse and Expand points by group level
  • Manage and organize contents from Outline view
  • Toolbar in Outline View

Using Slide View

  • Insert Headers and Footers
  • Insert Slides number onto slides
  • Insert Date and Time
  • Insert Placeholder onto slides
  • Applying Themes to slides
  • Custom slides background color
  • Custom slides background patterns or images
  • Applying Transition Effects
  • Setting your timing to playback the slides
  • Using Notes View

Notes Pages

  • Preparing notes pages
  • Notes Master Format
  • Adding date, page number and time

WPP40814 - 廣東話 04 Aug enrol
WPP4088 - Eng 08 Aug enrol
WPP40817 - 廣東話 20 Aug enrol
WPP40816 - 廣東話 20 Aug enrol
WPP40818 - Eng 26 Aug enrol
  Certificate in Microsoft Powerpoint
  Excel I

Handling Text

  • Font Attributes
  • Paragraph Attributes
  • Adding, changing and custom your Bullet

Using Slide Master

  • Control the slides layout at once by Slide Master
  • Control the text format at once by Slide Master
  • Inserting the company information (eg. company logo, name, etc) by Slide Master
  • Creating your own Slide Master
  • Applying different sets of Slide Master to slides

Drawing features

  • Static objects
  • Adding shadow to a graphic
  • Shading the Background
  • Changing the Fill Colour of graphic
  • Tips and technique of drawing a graphic
  • Technique of selecting objects
  • Technique of resize an object proportional
  • Rearranging objects order
  • Aligning objects to a specific position

Printing your slide

  • Printing slides, notes and outline
  • Printing audience notes

Set slide show

  • Slide show
  • Setup slide show
  • loop continuously
  • Custom slides order show
  • Set rehearse timing of each slides