Microsoft Outlook

What you’ll learn

Outlook Account Management

  • E-mail accounts setup
  • Multiple accounts management
  • Setting up Send and Receive Group

Email and Outlook data files management

  • How to backup email messages
  • Create your own data file
  • Setting default data file for different email accounts
  • Password protecting your email data file
  • Autoarchive settings
  • Exporting and Importing data to and from different applications
  • Individual folder settings ( autoarchive )

E-mail and Contact Management

  • Views customization
  • -       Sorting, filtering or conditional formatting
  • Using Conversation view
  • Setting up and running rules
  • Filtering

E-mail messages categorization and flagging

  • Mail categorization
  • -       Creating your own categories, setting quick click and keystroke
  • Flagging mail messages
  • Setting up quick click flag


  • Working with tasks
  • Managing tasks
  • Appointments and Events
  • Working with appointments
  • Modifying appointments
  • Working with events

Meeting Requests and Responses

  • Working with meeting requests
  • Managing meeting requests
  • Handling meeting responses

Customizing Outlook

  • Personal folders
  • The organize panel
  • Using signatures and stationery

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