InDesign Training Course

Adobe InDesign Training Course

The InDesign training course will teach beginners how to use Adobe InDesign software to design and create different kinds of publications or marketing materials. It will be the right course for you if you want to produce books, newsletter, product brochures, proposals or magazines.

Students will learn how to create multiple columns pages document, importing text and images from different sources, formatting and adding special effects to text or images. After going through this fundamental training, the course will then go on for more advanced concepts and teach students how to work with long document projects. Finally, they will learn how to share the projects using different file formats.

Students can choose daytime or evening classes, and no prior knowledge is required to attend this course.

Adobe InDesign Training Course

What you’ll learn

The Document Window

  • rulers, margins, guides, X and Y coordinates
  • ruler origin, pasteboard and page views

Using Palettes

  • align, attributes, character, colour
  • layers, library, links, navigator
  • pages, paragraph and character styles
  • story, stroke, swatches, table, tabs palettes

Document Setup

  • layout options, grids
  • zoom and hand tools
  • controlling windows and saving documents

Working with Text

  • creating text frames
  • typeface, point size, line
  • character spacing, alignment
  • indents, hanging indents, kerning, tracking, leading

More text formating

  • space before, space after
  • using rules, drop caps
  • drop cap
  • indent to here

Working with Text box

  • splitting, merging text box
  • multi-columns text box using column guides and text box option

MIN40813 - 廣東話 08 Aug enrol
MIN40812 - 廣東話 09 Aug enrol
MIN40811 - Eng 10 Aug enrol
MIN4088 - 廣東話 15 Aug enrol
MIN4089 - 廣東話 16 Aug enrol
  Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design
  InDesign - Advanced
  Professional Diploma in Graphic Design

Working with Objects

  • types of frames, basic shapes
  • selecting, altering, aligning
  • step and repeat, transforming
  • grouping and locking objects

Master Page

  • master page setup
  • overriding master page’s items
  • applying master page to document to standardize the format
  • section

Page Numbering

  • insert auto page number
  • adding jump line, sectioning
  • manual page numbering, page number prefix


  • paragraph style, character style
  • nested style, tips and techniques in using style to manage a project

Working in Colour

  • creating Pantone (spot) and CMYK (process) colours
  • appending, swatches, gradients
  • tints, defining, storing, swatch libraries

Styling Objects

  • fills, strokes, corner effects
  • transparency, drop shadows
  • feathering, using the eyedropper

Working with Graphics

  • placing artwork or graphics
  • image import options
  • various kind of fits


  • working with layers
  • creating, duplicating and deleting layers

Tabs and Tables

  • tab characters, tab stops
  • leaders, creating tables
  • table options, cell options, strokes and fills


  • file options
  • creating PDF files
  • PDF styles, exporting text