Illustrator for Fashion Design

The Illustrator for Fashion Design course is for designers who want to use Illustrator in fashion drawing. The course consists of two parts. The first part will teach the essential and core features required in flat drawing. Topics include pen tool, objects transformation, pathfinder, using symbol and drawing with brushes and more. Then, students can practice and put it all to work in the second part. They are required to drawing shirt, pant, skirt and blazer during the class which ensures they know how to apply Illustrator in fashion drawing.

What you’ll learn

Viewing and managing artwork

  • Use rulers
  • Use the grid
  • Use guides
  • About Smart Guides
  • Info panel overview

Drawing basics

  • Drawing lines and shapes
  • Drawing with the Pen tool
  • Adding and deleting anchor points Convert anchor point
  • Converting anchor point

Fills and strokes

  • Knowing different colour models
  • Working with swatches
  • Fill and Stroke controls
  • Apply a fill colour to an object
  • Stroke an object
  • Dash line

Working with objects

  • Objects selection techniques
  • Grouping and expanding objects
  • Moving, aligning, and distributing objects
  • Rotating and reflecting objects

Using pathfinder

  • Divide
  • Trim
  • Merge
  • Crop
  • Mius back

Using brushes and symbols

  • Scatter, art and pattern brushes
  • Brush library
  • Create and redefine symbols
  • Edit, delete and replace symbols
  • Symbol library

  Certificate in Adobe Graphic Design
  Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design

Using layers

  • About layers
  • Layers panel overview
  • Create a new layer
  • Move an object to a different layer
  • Release items to separate layers
  • Consolidate layers and groups
  • Locate an item in the Layers panel

Putting it all to work

  • Drawing a Tee ( front and back view )
  • bodice, sleeves, neckline, stitches
  • Drawing a Button-Down Shirt
  • Collar, placket, sleeves with cuffs and placket
  • Drawing Skirts
  • Drawing Blazer
  • Drawing Pants