This HTML5 course will focus on the fundamental part of the HTML language and the new features in HTML5. HTML training is essential to all web designers as it is the backbone in every web page. This training course will teach users how to use HTML language to construct webpages. After finishing the course, users will be able to write well-structured webpages with links, tables, text, images and videos.

This course is suitable for marketers, designers or people having interest to start working on webpages. Daytime and evening classes are available.

Classes are held in daytime or evening time.

What you’ll learn

HTML Basics

  • Create an HTML Web Page
  • Learning the core HTML Tags
  • Styling Web Pages with Font Tag
  • Working with Images
  • Presenting and Formatting Data using Table Tags
  • Creating Data Input Form

Introduction to HTML5

  • Introducing HTML5
  • Understanding HTML5 Web Browsers
  • Backward Compatibility Issues

Learning Page Layout Elements

  • Understanding the Semantic Layout
  • Using Header, Footer Elements
  • Using a Navigation Element
  • Using Section and Article Elements
  • Using Heading and Paragraph Elements
  • Using Figure and Aside Elements

Designing HTML5 Form

  • Using Number, Telephone Input Type
  • Using Email, URL Input Type
  • Using URL, Search Input Type
  • Using Date, Range Input Type
  • Using Color Input Type
  • Require a Value in an Input Field

Adding HTML5 Multimedia

  • Understanding Audio and Video Formats
  • Play Movies with the HTML5 video Element
  • Play Sound with the HTML5 audio Element

WHF4085 - 廣東話 19 Aug enrol
WHF4094 - 廣東話 10 Sep enrol
  Certificate in Webpage Design
  Diploma in Web Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices
  HTML & Javascript
  Mobile Web Design using jQuery Mobile