FileMaker Pro for iOS and Desktop Devices

FileMaker Pro offers users a unique solution to get their database up and running on different platforms ( iOS / Mac OS / Windows ) in shorter time. You don’t have to be a tech expert. Updating product data or checking order status on your mobile phones is no longer a dream to SME companies.

This FileMaker Pro for iOS and desktop devices training course will teach you the essential features to create database files that can be shared and run under iPads, iPhones or computers. The class will be started from stretch and ended with a database files shareable on mobile and desktop devices. You will learn how to work with multiple tables, create data forms and layouts, and the techniques that are required to create management reports.

After finishing the course, you can create a database solution which allows users use it in fields and update data instantaneously.

What you’ll learn

Working with tables

  • Creating tables
  • Defining fields
  • Auto-enter settings
  • Calculated fields
  • Container fields
  • Data validation
  • Defining repeating Fields

Working with records

  • New, edit, delete records
  • Defining search criteria
  • Efficient search using search operators
  • Omitting records
  • Sorting records

Working with multiple tables

  • Concept of relational database
  • Creating a One-to-Many Relationship
  • Setting tables relationships
  • Lookup data from another tables

Working with layouts

  • Changing layout names
  • Showing / hiding layouts
  • Knowing different layout views
  • Setting default view
  • Layout Options and Settings
  • Choosing targeting devices ( iPad / iPhone / Computer )

  Filemaker Pro

Creating Data Forms

  • Form settings for different devices
  • Inserting fields
  • Using Inspector
  • Using Drop-down list / pop-up menu
  • Using checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Using drop-down calendar
  • Setting data formats
  • Enhancing Data Forms
  • Using drawing functions
  • Colourizing objects and lines
  • Formatting text and controls
  • Managing and aligning objects, fields and buttons
  • Enabling Repeating fields function
  • Using action buttons
  • Design considerations for different devices

Creating Managnement Reports

  • Understanding and using Parts
  • Working with the three basic parts
  • Using leading grand summary
  • Using trailing grand summary
  • Using sub-summaries

Exchanging Information with other Applications

  • Importing and exporting Excel data
  • Exchanging data with other FileMaker Pro files

Using FileMaker Pro files on iPad / iPhone

  • Installing FileMaker Go
  • Using Lauch Center
  • Opening FileMaker Pro data file from iPad / iPhone
  • Backing up data
  • Working offline