Excel VBA or Excel Macros Training Course

The Excel VBA Course is designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge required to automate the Excel’s boring and repetitive work without human intervention. The training course will cover a wide range of concepts and techniques which are applicable to most daily spreadsheet task. Topics include the basic concepts of VBA programming, language syntax, controlling program flow, working with Excel’s objects and properties, looping over collections, creating custom functions, designing userforms, working with PivotTables and more...

Throughout the course, students will gain a solid foundation in VBA programming by learning the fundamental concepts and techniques necessary to create powerful macros. The course emphasizes hands-on learning, combining theoretical instruction with practical examples, exercises, and real-world scenarios.

The easy to follow exercises and small class size teaching approach can ensure the best learning result. It is an ideal course for people working in the accounting, financial analysis and data processing areas. Students can choose the daytime, evening and weekends classes to suit their learning needs.


After finishing the course, you will be able to write your own VBA to streamline the daily tasks which include the following :
  • Merging tables from different workbooks or worksheets into one single table
  • Generating PivotTables unattended with the designated rows and columns and filter the table
  • Comparing and highlighting data dissimilarities of two tables
  • Performing data lookup and filling
  • Data cleansing and analysis
  • Generating reports
  • Formatting reports and tables

What you will get after the class

  • Code and data files used in the class
  • Ready to use VBA snippets
Excel VBA or Excel Macros Training Course

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Excel VBA

  • Understanding the basics of Excel VBA programming
  • Exploring the Excel VBA editor and environment
  • Writing and running your first VBA macro

VBA Fundamentals

  • Variables and data types in VBA
  • Working with constants and operators
  • Conditional statements (IF...THEN, SELECT CASE)
  • Looping structures (FOR...NEXT, DO...LOOP)

Working with Excel Objects

  • Understanding the Excel object model
  • Manipulating workbooks, worksheets, and ranges using VBA
  • Interacting with cells, columns, and rows
  • Formatting data and applying styles

Automating Tasks with Macros

  • Recording and editing macros
  • Assigning macros to buttons and keyboard shortcuts

Data Manipulation and Analysis

  • Importing and exporting data with VBA
  • Sorting and filtering data programmatically
  • Performing calculations and using built-in functions
  • Creating dynamic data reports

Automating Excel PivotTables using VBA

  • Creating an Excel Pivot Table report using VBA
  • Reference Pivot Fields and Pivot Items using VBA
  • Filtering data using VBA
  • Preparing Questions for ChatGPT/GPT

Discussing strategies for preparing effective questions for ChatGPT.

  • Understanding the importance of clear and concise input prompts.
  • Exploring techniques for guiding the conversation and obtaining desired responses.

Leveraging ChatGPT/GPT for Code Generation

  • Introduction to code generation using ChatGPT.
  • Using ChatGPT to automate repetitive code writing tasks.
  • Generating code snippets for specific programming languages.
  • Best practices and considerations for using ChatGPT in code generation.

VBA4086 - 廣東話 23 Aug enrol
VBA4085 - 廣東話 27 Aug enrol
VBA4092 - 廣東話 26 Sep enrol
VBA4107 - 廣東話 08 Oct enrol
VBA4108 - 廣東話 23 Oct enrol
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