Dreamweaver Training Course

Dreamweaver Training Course

The Dreamweaver training course will assume students do not possess any knowledge on web design and will teach students writing webpages from beginning.

Dreamweaver is a professional software for website design and production. You can develop contents rich and interactive website without knowing much about HTML. The course will cover the fundamental concepts on writing web pages as well as some new features, such as the “extract” function - allows designers to extract Photoshop compositions and convert it into codes with few keystrokes. The course is supplemented with a range of practical examples by which students will gain the knowledge and understanding the concepts easier.

This is an ideal course for people they want to create and edit their webpages without learning much on web programming. Students can choose daytime class or evening class.

Dreamweaver Training Course

What you’ll learn

Getting started

  • Getting started overview
  • Setting preferences

Creating documents

  • Creating new HTML documents
  • Setting up documents
  • Changing the title of a page
  • Defining a background image or page color
  • Viewing and editing HEAD content

Formatting text

  • Formatting text with HTML tags
  • Changing font characteristics
  • Modifying font combinations
  • Changing the color of text
  • Aligning text and elements
  • Creating bullet or number lists

Inserting Images

  • Inserting an image
  • Creating a rollover
  • Image properties
  • Resizing images and other elements
  • Creating image maps

Creating tables

  • Creating tables
  • Nesting tables
  • Filling a table with content
  • Selecting table elements
  • Formatting tables
  • Setting table properties
  • Setting row and cell properties
  • Resizing tables and cells
  • Adding and removing and columns
  • Splitting and merging cells

MDW4087 - 廣東話 08 Aug enrol
MDW4088 - 廣東話 22 Aug enrol
MDW4089 - 廣東話 27 Aug enrol
MDW4108 - 廣東話 07 Oct enrol
MDW41010 - 廣東話 09 Oct enrol
  Certificate in Webpage Design
  Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design
  Diploma in Web Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices
  HTML & Javascript
  Photoshop in Web Production

Using JQuery UI

  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • DatePicker
  • JQuery Mobile Page

Creating Forms

  • Creating a form
  • Adding an object to a form
  • Text field properties
  • Button properties
  • Image field properties
  • Checkbox / radio button properties
  • List / menu properties
  • Processing forms

Bootstrap Components

  • Carousel
  • Navbar
  • Accordion

Site planning

  • Creating a local site
  • Creating a romote site
  • Working with pages in the site map
  • Upload files to romote site by FTP or local network
  • Viewing files in the Site window
  • Working with site files

Using the behavior

  • Go to URL
  • Open browser window
  • Popup message
  • Preload images
  • Show-hide layers
  • Swap image/swap image restore
  • Validate form
  • Play timeline and stop timeline
  • Go to timeline frame

Insert media clips

  • Inserting Flash media
  • Inserting QuickTime / AVI movies
  • Inserting music files (mp3, midi, etc)

Using CSS style

  • Creating an external style sheet
  • Defining a custom style
  • Applying a custom style