Microsoft Word Training by Computer Academy

Microsoft Word Training Course

Microsoft Word is an indispensable tool for writing. This features rich word processor software allows writers to write all sorts of documents, whether you are writing letters, proposals or thesis. Writing under word is easy, but using it proficiency is another story.

The Microsoft Word course will teach the basic principles of how to prepare a document from the ground up. Topics will include text formatting, header and footer, table, documents setup and times saving editing techniques.

Microsoft Word Training Course

What you’ll learn

Creating and Editing a Document

  • Starting a New Document
  • Opening an Existing Document
  • Inserting Text
  • Selecting and Deleting Text
  • Undoing a Mistake
  • Saving Your Work

Revising a Document

  • Opening an Existing Document
  • Scrolling Through a Document
  • Moving Text Using the Cut and Paste Commnads
  • Copying Text
  • Editing Text
  • Savings Changes
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Saving Your Changes
  • Find File command
  • Switching documents with Windows commands
  • Tips

Formatting a Document-Character Formatting

  • Method for Formatting Characters
  • Changing Fonts and Point Sizes

Formatting a Document-Paragraph Formatting

  • Method for Applying Paragraph Format
  • Aligning and Indenting Paragraph Formats
  • Tab setting
  • Adjusting Spacing Between Lines and Paragraphs
  • Border and Pattern

Document Formatting-Layout Formatting

  • Margins
  • Mirror Even/Odd Margins
  • Even/Odd Header
  • Even/Odd Footer
  • File Series
  • Widow Control

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WWO4089 - Eng 21 Aug enrol
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  Professional Reports Writing using Microsoft Word

Page Setup and Printing

  • Previewing Pages
  • Paper size setting
  • Orientation setting
  • Margin setting


  • Applying Styles
  • Define your Style
  • Using the Standard Style
  • Using the Next Style and Based On Option
  • Tip in using the Style to create a long document

Spell Check

  • Checking grammar
  • Thesaurus
  • Creating a New Dictionary
  • Options... button


  • Inserting a Table
  • Typing text in Table
  • Selecting in a Table
  • Column Width
  • Format text inside a Table
  • Setting a tab Stop inside a cell
  • Inserting a Column
  • Deleting a Column
  • Border line setting
  • Changing Text into a Table
  • Calculating Amounts in columns
  • Sorting Table Entries

Headers and Footers

  • Creating Header/Footer
  • Page Layout
  • Odd/Even Headers or Footers
  • Adding Page Numbers