Photoshop Training Course

Adobe Photoshop是一套專業圖像編輯軟件,被廣泛應用於插圖及平面設計,相片處理,以及近年流行之網上出版之上.

藉著Photoshop 強大的功能,設計師可以任意將作品作不同程度的放大,縮細,變形,剪裁,修正相片的瑕疵及色差等等, 省卻了很多黑房加工的工作.

而利用Photoshop的濾鏡功能,用家更可以於作品中作出多種不同程度的效果變化,例如霧化,變形,不同的光原變化等. 效果絕非一般圖像編輯軟件可以相比.

creating different text effects
fixing image using patch tool
adding objects using patch tool
removing unwanted objects using clone tool
replacing images with editing tools
restoring and transforming photo
changing colour
learning images composition
composing images using blending modes
more composition example
making commerical artwork
making commercial artwork

What you’ll learn

Using the drawing aids

  • About rulers, grids and guides
  • Position with the ruler tool
  • Position with guides and the grid
  • Use snapping
  • Show or hide Extras

File formats discussion

Working with selections

  • Understanding image pixels
  • Selecting images using the marquee, lasso, polygonal lasso tools
  • Selecting images with the quick selection tool
  • Moving, hiding, or inverting selections
  • Adding, subtraction and intersection
  • Softening image edges

Transforming images

  • Cropping images
  • Distorting, skewing, scaling images
  • Rotating or flipping images
  • Changing the canvas and image size

Working with Colours

  • Understanding the CMYK and RGB models
  • Setting foreground and background colours
  • Choosing colours using colour box, eyedropper.
  • Working with the Adobe Colour Picker
  • Swatches palette overview
  • Select a colour in the Swatches palette
  • Add, replace, and delete colour swatches

Retouching and repairing images

  • Removing unwanted objects with the healing brush tool
  • Removing blemishes or spots using spot healing brush tool
  • Heal and patch an area

Colourizing images with Fill command

  • Choosing various fill contents – using foreground and background
  • Filling with black, white and gray colours
  • Using blending effect - hue
  • Setting opacity

MPS40616 - 廣東話 28 Jun enrol
MPS40619 - Eng 29 Jun enrol
MPS40712 - Eng 24 Jul enrol
MPS40713 - 廣東話 25 Jul enrol
MPS40715 - 廣東話 30 Jul enrol
  Digital Photography
  Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design
  Photoshop - Portrait Retouching and Making Good Landscape Photos

Adding text and text effects

  • How to change the fonts, size and other type attributes
  • Type effects

Layer Basics

  • About layers
  • Layers palette overview
  • Convert background and layers
  • Create layers, group and duplicate layers
  • Show or hide a layer, group, or style
  • View layers and groups within a group

Working with layers

  • Add layers to a group
  • Change the stack order of layers and groups
  • Move the content of layers
  • Rotate a layer
  • Lock layers

Setting opacity

  • Specify opacity for a layer or group
  • Specify fill opacity for a layer
  • Specify a blending mode for a layer or group
  • Filling new layers with a neutral color

Managing layers

  • Rename a layer or group
  • Delete a layer or group
  • Export and merge layers

Layer effects and styles

  • About layer effects and styles
  • Layer styles dialog box overview
  • Apply or edit a custom layer style
  • Layer style options
  • Display or hide layer styles
  • Remove layer effects

Correcting mistakes

  • Using the Undo and Redo commands
  • Restoring part of an image to its previously saved version
  • Working with the history palette


  • About channels
  • Channels palette overview
  • Show or hide a channel
  • Show colour channels in colour
  • Select, edit and delete channels

Saving selections and using masks 

  • About masks and alpha channels
  • Create a temporary quick mask
  • Create and edit alpha channel masks
  • Save and load selections