HTML & Javascript training course outline by Computer Academy

HTML and Javascript Training Course

HTML的全名是Hyper-text Markup Language,中文譯名為超文件傳輸協定,一般我們所看到的網頁都是採用HTML文件的格式製造的,透過這種格式,你可以觀看包括文字,圖晝.聲音及動 態的相關資料.故此,HTML是網頁設計師必須懂得的語言. 利用Javascript去編寫網頁,是可以達到互動 之效果,內容包括如何偵緝browser之版本,plug-in 之資料,scrolling status bars,不斷轉換banner,隨機顯示圖片,資料核實(如email address) 及 cookies等

HTML and Javascript Training Course

What you’ll learn

HTML5 Module

HTML Basics

  • Create an HTML Web Page
  • Learning the core HTML Tags
  • Styling Web Pages with Font Tag
  • Working with Images
  • Presenting and Formatting Data using Table Tags
  • Creating Data Input Form

Introducing HTML5

  • Introducing HTML5
  • Understanding HTML5 Web Browsers
  • Backward Compatibility Issues

Learning Page Layout Elements

  • Understanding the Semantic Layout
  • Using Header, Footer Elements
  • Using a Navigation Element
  • Using Section and Article Elements
  • Using Heading and Paragraph Elements
  • Using Figure and Aside Elements

Designing HTML5 Form

  • Using Number, Telephone Input Type
  • Using Email, URL Input Type
  • Using URL, Search Input Type
  • Using Date, Range Input Type
  • Using Color Input Type
  • Require a Value in an Input Field

Adding HTML5 Multimedia

  • Understanding Audio and Video Formats
  • Play Movies with the HTML5 video Element
  • Play Sound with the HTML5 audio Element

  Diploma in Web Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices
  Photoshop in Web Production

Javascript Module

Getting Started with JavaScript

  • JavaScript Programming Overview
  • JavaScript and HTML: Using the SCRIPT Tag
  • Hiding Scripts from Non-JavaScript Browsers

Variables and Operators

  • Variables and Data Types Overview
  • Using Data Types, Variables, and Operators
  • Using Comments in JavaScript
  • Defining Arrays

Functions and Objects

  • Using Built-in Functions
  • Creating Custom Functions
  • Using Methods

Control Statements

  • Controlling the flow - JavaScript Control Statements
  • Using Control Statements and Loops
  • Using Loops
  • Conditional Statements: If...Else
  • Using the For...In Loop
  • Using the Break Statement
  • Using the Continue Statement

The Window Object

  • The Window Object
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Window Manipulations

The Document Object

  • The Document Object
  • Writing to Documents
  • Dynamic Documents

Events Handling

  • Using JavaScript Events
  • OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut
  • OnLoad, OnUnLoad
  • OnSubmit, OnClick

Working with Forms

  • The Form Object
  • Reading Data from Form Elements
  • Validating Data with Event Handlers
  • String Methods Used in Input Validation
  • Form-Level Validation

Validating Form Data

  • A General Approach
  • Testing for Required Fields
  • Validating Numeric Data