Flash training course outline by Computer Academy

Adobe Flash Training Course

如欲加強網頁的動感﹐ 適量的動畫是不可缺少的。於網頁上最常見到的動 畫大多是animated GIF的圖片檔﹐此類圖片只是將不同的bitmap image組合成一張動 畫圖片﹐而它的檔案大小會隨著frames的多少而增大﹐故此並非一個良好的檔案格式。

有鑑於此﹐Adobe Flash 便是一個良好的網頁動 畫製作軟件﹐flash是利用vector image 作輸入﹐故此網頁內的動畫能隨意改變形狀及大小﹐而 不影響畫面質素﹐加上flash更支援streaming 的技術﹐大大減低瀏覽者的等候時間。是現今網頁設計不可缺少的軟件。

Adobe Flash Training Course

What you’ll learn


  • Using the Stage and Tools panel
  • The Timeline
  • Using Flash authoring panels
  • Accessibility in the Flash workspace
  • Set preferences in Flash

Managing documents

  • Working with Flash documents
  • Printing Flash documents
  • Working with projects

Using imported artwork

  • Placing artwork into Flash
  • Imported bitmaps
  • Working with Illustrator AI files
  • Working with InDesign files
  • Working with Photoshop PSD files

Creating and Editing Artwork


  • About drawing
  • Drawing modes and graphic objects
  • Drawing preferences
  • Draw simple lines and shapes
  • Drawing with the Pen tool
  • Drawing patterns with the Decorative drawing tools

Reshaping objects

  • Reshape lines and shapes
  • Transforming objects
  • Combining objects

Moving, arranging, and deleting artwork

  • Selecting objects
  • Arranging objects
  • Snapping art into position
  • Moving and copying objects
  • Delete objects

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MFL4104 - 廣東話 17 Oct enrol
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  Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design
  Diploma in Web Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices
  Flash - Actionscript
  HTML & Javascript
  Photoshop in Web Production
  Professional Photography Course

Colors, gradients, and strokes

  • The Color panel
  • Color palettes
  • Create or edit a solid color
  • Create or edit a gradient fill
  • Adjust Stroke and Fill color
  • Duplicate, delete, and clear colors
  • Modifying painted areas
  • Transform gradient and bitmap fills
  • Lock a gradient or bitmap to fill the Stage

Symbols, instances, and library assets

  • Working with symbols
  • Working with symbol instances
  • Working with the library
  • Sharing library assets
  • Creating buttons
  • Scaling and caching symbols
  • Symbols

Timelines and Animation

Working with timelines

  • Frames and keyframes
  • Create and organize layers
  • View layers and layer folders
  • Guide layers
  • Mask layers

Working with scenes

  • Create storyboard by scenes
  • Naming a scene
  • Playback order of scenes

Working with classic tweens

  • About classic tweens
  • Create and edit keyframes for classic tweens
  • Add a classic tween to instances, groups, or type
  • Create classic tween motion along a path
  • Paste classic tween properties
  • Apply custom ease in/ease out to classic tweens

Shape tweening

  • Frame-by-frame animation


  • About text and fonts
  • Creating text
  • Setting text attributes


  • Using sounds in Flash
  • Exporting Sounds

Publishing and Exporting

  • Publish settings
  • Specify publish settings for SWF files
  • Specify publish settings for HTML documents
  • Specify publish settings for Flash Player detection
  • Specify publish settings for GIF files
  • Specify publish settings for JPEG files
  • Specify publish settings for PNG files
  • Preview the publishing format and settings
  • Using publish profiles