Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design

CEF course teaches graphic design including photoshop, illustrator and indesign

本課程為有志投身電腦設計行列或對電腦設計有興趣之人士而設。課程圍繞現今最流行之軟件 Adobe Illustrator(插圖及平面設計),Adobe Photoshop(相片修輯及相片效果之製作)及 Adobe InDesign(專業電腦排版)為主,及以使用電腦作設計之一般常識為副。將整個桌面印刷技術概念有系統地介紹給學員。務使學員修畢後能掌握到電腦設計之要訣。

點、線、體的基本製作,商標(Logos)、符號(Symbols)、圖表(Charts)和小插圖(Cliparts)的繪劃,將手繪的圖畫(Hand sketches)轉換成電腦的影像格式,字形的特別效果,網地的變化與應用,圖案與色彩的配合如gradient fill, masking, outlining和shadows等。

電腦黑房技術及顏色的基本概念,掃描輸入與網線的關係,相片的修輯如光暗、反差、顏色平衡、變形、褪地及鬆邊等,鉛筆、毛筆和噴筆的運用,調色的技巧(RGB, CMYK, HSB colour model),利用Layer和Channel加強相片的特別效果。

InDesign 是一個取代PageMaker之專業排版軟件,它的功能及易用性比市場其他生產品豪不遜色,除了具備排版上之功能外,更有不少設計上的功能,如透疊、透明、Masking、Convert to path、Compound等,故更容易設計出出色的版面。

CEF course teaches graphic design including photoshop, illustrator and indesign

What you’ll learn

Photoshop Module

Using the drawing aids

  • About rulers, grids and guides
  • Position with the ruler tool
  • Position with guides and the grid
  • Use snapping
  • Show or hide Extras

File formats discussion


Working with selections

  • Understanding image pixels
  • Selecting images using the marquee, lasso, polygonal lasso tools
  • Selecting images with the quick selection tool
  • Moving, hiding, or inverting selections
  • Adding, subtraction and intersection
  • Softening image edges

Working with Colours

  • Understanding the CMYK and RGB models
  • Setting foreground and background colours
  • Choosing colours using colour box, eyedropper.
  • Working with the Adobe Colour Picker
  • Swatches palette overview
  • Select a colour in the Swatches palette
  • Add, replace, and delete colour swatches

Transforming images

  • Cropping images
  • Distorting, skewing, scaling images
  • Rotating or flipping images
  • Changing the canvas and image size

Retouching and repairing images

  • Removing unwanted objects with the healing brush tool
  • Removing blemishes or spots using spot healing brush tool
  • Heal and patch an area

Colourizing images with Fill command

  • Choosing various fill contents – using foreground and background
  • Filling with black, white and gray colours
  • Using blending effect - hue
  • Setting opacity

Adding text and text effects

  • How to change the fonts, size and other type attributes
  • Type effects

Layer Basics

  • About layers
  • Layers palette overview
  • Convert background and layers
  • Create layers, group and duplicate layers
  • Show or hide a layer, group, or style
  • View layers and groups within a group

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  InDesign - Advanced

Working with layers

  • Add layers to a group
  • Change the stack order of layers and groups
  • Move the content of layers
  • Rotate a layer
  • Lock layers

Setting opacity

  • Specify opacity for a layer or group
  • Specify fill opacity for a layer
  • Specify a blending mode for a layer or group
  • Filling new layers with a neutral color

Managing layers

  • Rename a layer or group
  • Delete a layer or group
  • Export and merge layers

Layer effects and styles

  • About layer effects and styles
  • Layer styles dialog box overview
  • Apply or edit a custom layer style
  • Layer style options
  • Display or hide layer styles
  • Remove layer effects

Correcting mistakes

  • Using the Undo and Redo commands
  • Restoring part of an image to its previously saved version
  • Working with the history palette


  • About channels
  • Channels palette overview
  • Show or hide a channel
  • Show colour channels in colour
  • Select, edit and delete channels

Saving selections and using masks 

  • About masks and alpha channels
  • Create a temporary quick mask
  • Create and edit alpha channel masks
  • Save and load selections

Illustrator Module

Work area basics

  • Workspace overview
  • About screen modes
  • Using the status bar
  • Enter values in panels and dialog boxes
  • Control panel overview

Viewing and managing artwork

  • Change the size of the artboard
  • About page tiling
  • Zoom in or out
  • Navigator panel overview
  • View artwork as outlines
  • Use multiple windows and views

Rulers, grids, and guides

  • Use rulers
  • Change the unit of measurement
  • Use the grid
  • Use guides
  • About Smart Guides
  • Measure the distance between objects
  • Info panel overview

Drawing basics

  • About vector graphics
  • About paths
  • About direction lines and direction points
  • Specify direction line and direction point appearance

Drawing lines and shapes

  • Draw straight lines with the Line Segment tool
  • Draw rectangles and squares
  • Change the corner radius of a rounded rectangle
  • Draw ellipses , polygons, stars, arcs

Drawing with the Pen tool

  • Draw straight line segments with the Pen tool
  • Draw curves with the Pen tool
  • Draw straight lines followed by curves
  • Draw curves followed by straight lines
  • Draw two curved segments connected by a corner
  • Reposition anchor points as you draw
  • Finish drawing a path

Editing paths

  • Select paths, segments, and anchor points
  • Adjust path segments
  • Adding and deleting anchor points
  • Convert between smooth points and corner points
  • Erase artwork
  • Split a path

Logo Drawing / Tracing

  • Trace artwork
  • Change the display of a tracing object
  • Adjust the results of a tracing
  • Specify the colours used for tracing

About colour

  • Understanding differernt colour models
  • Change the colour mode of a document
  • Colour spaces and gamuts
  • About spot and process colours
  • Select colours using the Colour Picker or Colour Panel
  • Colour panel overview

Creating and using swatches

  • About swatches and swatch libraries
  • Swatches panel overview
  • Add colours from artwork to Swatches panel
  • Share swatches between applications
  • Create a process-colour swatch
  • Change the tint of a colour
  • Create gradient swatches
  • Duplicate swatches
  • Import swatches from another document
  • Create swatch libraries

Fills and strokes

  • Painting methods
  • About fills and strokes
  • Fill and Stroke controls
  • Apply a fill colour to an object
  • Stroke an object
  • Convert strokes to compound paths
  • Add arrowheads to lines
  • Remove the fill or stroke from an object
  • Select objects with the same fill and stroke
  • Create multiple fills and strokes

Transparency effect

  • About transparency
  • Transparency panel overview
  • View transparency in artwork

Gradients and colour blends

  • About gradients
  • Gradient panel overview
  • Create or modify gradients
  • Apply an existing gradient to an object
  • Change gradient direction or apply across multiple objects

Selecting objects

  • Options for selecting objects
  • Isolate groups and sublayers
  • Select objects using the Layers panel
  • Select objects with the Selection tool
  • Select objects with the Lasso tool
  • Select filled objects
  • Select groups and objects in a group
  • Select the next object in the stacking order

Grouping and expanding objects

  • Group or ungroup objects
  • Expand objects

Moving, aligning, and distributing objects

  • Move objects
  • Paste an object relative to other objects
  • Pasting objects between layers
  • Align and distribute objects

Rotating and reflecting objects

  • Rotate objects
  • Rotate the x and y axes of a document
  • Reflect objects

Using layers

  • About layers
  • Layers panel overview
  • Create a new layer
  • Move an object to a different layer
  • Release items to separate layers
  • Consolidate layers and groups
  • Locate an item in the Layers panel

Managing Objects

  • Locking, hiding, and deleting objects
  • Change the stacking order using the Layers panel
  • Change the stacking order using commands
  • Duplicate objects by dragging
  • Duplicate objects by using the Layers panel
  • Duplicate selections using drag and drop
  • Offset duplicate objects

Transforming objects

  • Transform panel overview
  • Transform using the bounding box
  • Scaling, shearing, and distorting objects

Combining, cutting and dividing objects

  • Work with compound shapes
  • Cut a hole in an object using a compound path
  • Apply fill rules to compound paths
  • Return a compound path to its original components
  • Cut objects with the Knife tool
  • Divide an object into a grid

Clipping masks and Compound Path

  • About clipping masks
  • Hide parts of objects with a clipping mask
  • Create a clipping mask for a group or layer
  • Edit a clipping mask
  • Add or remove an object from masked artwork
  • Release objects from a clipping mask

Blending objects

  • About blended objects
  • Create blends
  • Blend options
  • Change the spine of a blended object
  • Reverse the stacking order in a blended object
  • Release or expand a blended object

Importing files

  • About linked and embedded artwork
  • Place (import) files
  • Update modified links
  • Set placement options for linked artwork
  • Embed and unembed a linked file
  • Relink an embedded file
  • Importing artwork from Photoshop

Saving and exporting artwork

  • Save in AI, EPS format
  • JPEG export options

Working with area type

  • Resize a text area
  • Change the margin around a text area
  • Raise or lower the first baseline in a text area
  • Wrap text around an object

Working with type on a path

  • Move or flip text along a path
  • Apply path type effects
  • Adjust the vertical alignment of type on a path

InDesign Module

The Document Window

  • rulers, margins, guides, X and Y coordinates
  • ruler origin, pasteboard and page views

Using Palettes

  • align, attributes, character, colour
  • layers, library, links, navigator
  • pages, paragraph and character styles
  • story, stroke, swatches, table, tabs palettes

Document Setup

  • layout options, grids
  • zoom and hand tools
  • controlling windows and saving documents

Working with Text

  • creating text frames
  • typeface, point size, line
  • character spacing, alignment
  • indents, hanging indents, kerning, tracking, leading

More text formating

  • space before, space after
  • using rules, drop caps
  • drop cap
  • indent to here

Working with Text box

  • splitting, merging text box
  • multi-columns text box using column guides and text box option

Working with Objects

  • types of frames, basic shapes
  • selecting, altering, aligning
  • step and repeat, transforming
  • grouping and locking objects

Master Page

  • master page setup
  • overriding master page’s items
  • applying master page to document to standardize the format
  • section

Page Numbering

  • insert auto page number
  • adding jump line, sectioning
  • manual page numbering, page number prefix


  • paragraph style, character style
  • nested style, tips and techniques in using style to manage a project

Working in Colour

  • creating Pantone (spot) and CMYK (process) colours
  • appending, swatches, gradients
  • tints, defining, storing, swatch libraries

Styling Objects

  • fills, strokes, corner effects
  • transparency, drop shadows
  • feathering, using the eyedropper

Working with Graphics

  • placing artwork or graphics
  • image import options
  • various kind of fits


  • working with layers
  • creating, duplicating and deleting layers

Tabs and Tables

  • tab characters, tab stops
  • leaders, creating tables
  • table options, cell options, strokes and fills


  • file options
  • creating PDF files
  • PDF styles, exporting text