Certificate in Webpage Design

全球資訊網 (world wide web) 一日千里的發展加速網站設計的需求和普及化,對營商作業或消閑自娛而言,網站的設立都是不可或缺。鑑於近年愈來愈多人士對網頁製作的培訓需求和興趣大增,故本中心特別設計一個全新課程,以配合市場需要及培訓網頁設計人才。本課程是教授 Dreamweaver 及 HTML 為主,利用此兩項軟件的應用去製作美觀、實用、生動的網頁。修畢課程者可獲發 “Certificate in Web Page Design”證書。

Dreamweaver 是一個專業網頁設計及製作軟件,設計師可以利用 Dreamweaver製作一個豐富及互動的網頁而無需懂得任何HTML的語言。 你不單可以將不同種類的圖片輸入至Dreamweaver(例如JPEG及GIF),更可輸入多種不同種類的檔案格式,例如聲音(MIDI,WAV),電影(AVI,QuickTime),Flash Movie, Shockwave Flies, Java Applet, Active Xfiles 等令到網頁內容更加豐富和吸引。

What you’ll learn

Dreamweaver module


  • Getting started
  • Getting started overview
  • Setting preferences

Creating documents

  • Creating new HTML documents
  • Setting up documents
  • Changing the title of a page
  • Defining a background image or page color
  • Viewing and editing HEAD content

Formatting text

  • Formatting text with HTML tags
  • Changing font characteristics
  • Modifying font combinations
  • Changing the color of text
  • Aligning text and elements
  • Creating bullet or number lists

Inserting Images

  • Inserting an image
  • Creating a rollover
  • Image properties
  • Resizing images and other elements
  • Creating image maps

Creating tables

  • Creating tables
  • Nesting tables
  • Filling a table with content
  • Selecting table elements
  • Formatting tables
  • Setting table properties
  • Setting row and cell properties
  • Resizing tables and cells
  • Adding and removing and columns
  • Splitting and merging cells

  Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design
  Diploma in Web Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices
  Photoshop in Web Production

Using Frames

  • Creating frames
  • Creating a nested frameset
  • Saving files in frames and framesets
  • Selecting a frame or frameset
  • About Frame and Frameset properties
  • Specifying frame sizes
  • Setting frame and frameset borders
  • Controlling frame content with links

Creating Forms

  • Creating a form
  • Adding an object to a form
  • Text field properties
  • Button properties
  • Image field properties
  • Checkbox / radio button properties
  • List / menu properties
  • Processing forms

AP elements

  • Creating an AP element
  • Using the AP palette
  • Moving AP elements
  • Changing the stacking order of Aps
  • Working with Timeline to make an animation banner etc

Site planning

  • Creating a local site
  • Creating a romote site
  • Working with pages in the site map
  • Upload files to romote site by FTP or local network
  • Viewing files in the Site window
  • Working with site files
  • Using the behavior
  • Go to URL
  • Open browser window
  • Popup message
  • Preload images
  • Show-hide layers
  • Swap image/swap image restore
  • Validate form
  • Play timeline and stop timeline
  • Go to timeline frame

Insert media clips

  • Inserting Flash media
  • Inserting QuickTime / AVI movies
  • Inserting music files (mp3, midi, etc)

Using CSS style

  • Creating an external style sheet
  • Defining a custom style
  • Applying a custom style

HTML module

Introducing HTML5

  • Introducing HTML5
  • Understanding HTML5 Web Browsers
  • Backward Compatibility Issues
  • Understanding Obsolete HTML Tags and Attributes
  • Learning HTML5 Page Layout Elements
  • Create an HTML5 Web Page

Understanding the Semantic Layout in HTML5

  • Using Header and Footer Elements
  • Using a Navigation Element
  • Using Section and Article Elements

Using Heading and Paragraph Elements

  • Using Figure and Aside Elements
  • Using New HTML5 Tags and Attributes
  • Using Fixed-Meter Bar
  • Using Moving Progress Meter
  • Adding a Caption to a Figure

Highlight Text

  • Styling Your Web Page with CSS3
  • Round Border Corners
  • Add a Shadow Effect
  • Change an Element's Opacity
  • Apply an Image As an Element Border

Apply a Color Gradient

  • Create Simple Animations
  • Designing HTML5 Form
  • Using Number Input Type

Using Telephone Input Type

  • Using an Email Input Type
  • Using URL Input Type
  • Using Search Input Type
  • Require a Value in an Input Field
  • Using Drop-Down List to Facilitate the Text Input

Using Pattern Matching

  • Using Date Input Type
  • Using Range Input Type
  • Using Color Input Type