Advanced Excel VBA Training Course

進階Excel VBA培訓課程是我們的Excel VBA培訓課程系列的第二階段。 它將教您開發更好的VBA應用程序的技能。 您將學習如何使用定製表格來驗證數據輸入並改善最終用戶體驗。 還包括事件編程和調試技術等幾個進階主題,可以幫助您構思及建立更強大的 Excel VBA系統。

在整個課堂上使用了不同的示例和練習,採用小班制教學法可以確保最佳的學習成效。 學員應完成我們的Excel VBA課程或具有該學科的同等知識。

What you’ll learn

Working with Arrays

  • Declaring arrays
  • Declaring multidimensional arrays
  • Declaring dynamic arrays

Working with UserForm

  • Creating a userForm
  • Calling a userForm
  • Hiding a userForm
  • Adding CommandButtons / OptionButtons
  • Adding Event-handler procedure
  • Introducing userForm control types
  • –Text box, button, list box, checkbox, combo box
  • Verifying Field Entry
  • Collect userForm Controls input
  • Filling userForm Controls with user data

Events Programming

  • Disable/Enable Events
  • Events for Worksheet
  • Events for Workbook
  • Events for userForm Controls
  • Events for application
  • Events Not Associated with Objects
  • onTime Event / KeyPress Event

Error Handling Techniques

  • On Error statement
  • Resuming after an error
  • Identifying specific errors

Working with Microsoft Access

  • Understanding Access Object Model and Key Object
  • Establishing ADODB connection
  • Creating Recordset
  • Importing data from Access file
  • Adding, updating, removing records in Access tables

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