Access Training Course

Microsoft Access Training Course

Access培訓課程將從概念和術語開始,然後講解Access的各項主要部分,包括利用Relational Database概念把多個數據庫聯繫一起。構建數據查詢,使用參數查詢 ,編寫查詢條件,建立表單和報告以形成整個數據庫系統。

完成課程後,學員將了解如何把日常的數據處理得更簡化和自動化,更懂得學習把Access和Excel之間交換數據,合併來自不同表的數據並將結果匯出為結構合理的報告。 由於Access數據文件可以由不同的用戶同時使用和處理,因此對於希望跨工作組共享數據庫系統的企業來說,它是一個理想的工具。


Microsoft Access Training Course

You'll Learn

General Concepts about Access

  • Database software vs Spreadsheet software
  • Access Database Objects discussion
  • Defining your own Access database

Exploring Tables

  • Exploring different tables views
  • Working with Tables in Datasheet View
  • Working with Tables in Design View
  • Creating and customizing tables

Working with Fields

  • Setting up Fields
  • Setting up Data Type
  • Setting up Properties
  • Add/Delete/Move Fields
  • Setting up Primary Key
  • Setting up Index
  • Setting up Relationships
  • Setting up Combo Box to lookup data
  • Data validation settings

Working with Records

  • Add, Edit, Delete and Filter Records
  • Copy, Move Data
  • Find, Replace, Filter by Form, Sort Data

Relational Database

  • Concept of relational database
  • One to one / one to many / many to many relational
  • Constructing relationship among tables

Form and Form Design

  • Creating and Using Forms
  • Standard Form by Form Wizard (AutoForm)
  • Designing a Customized Form
  • Using the form tools
  • Using controls
  • Enhancing Form-title, page number, header & footer

Exchange Information with Other Data Sources

  • Importing, exporting and Linking Excel data
  • Importing, exporting and Linking Access objects

WAC31010 - 廣東話 17 Oct enrol
WAC3115 - 廣東話 13 Nov enrol
WAC3116 - 廣東話 16 Nov enrol
WAC3125 - 廣東話 12 Dec enrol
WAC3126 - 廣東話 13 Dec enrol
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