Certificate in Webpage Design

The Certificate course in Web Page Design is for users they want to start constructing their websites. The course will focus the fundamental concepts of designing today website using the three core languages – HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Students will learn how to lay the webpage structure using the new HTML5 semantic tags, and inserting different contents and components, for example, text, images and data input form. The styling pages and form validation can be finished using CSS3 and Javascript.

What you’ll learn

HTML5 Module

HTML Basics

  • Create an HTML Web Page
  • Learning the core HTML Tags
  • Styling Web Pages with Font Tag
  • Working with Images
  • Presenting and Formatting Data using Table Tags
  • Creating Data Input Form

Introducing HTML5

  • Introducing HTML5
  • Understanding HTML5 Web Browsers
  • Backward Compatibility Issues

Learning Page Layout Elements

  • Understanding the Semantic Layout
  • Using Header, Footer Elements
  • Using a Navigation Element
  • Using Section and Article Elements
  • Using Heading and Paragraph Elements
  • Using Figure and Aside Elements

Designing HTML5 Form

  • Using Number, Telephone Input Type
  • Using Email, URL Input Type
  • Using URL, Search Input Type
  • Using Date, Range Input Type
  • Using Color Input Type
  • Require a Value in an Input Field

Adding HTML5 Multimedia

  • Understanding Audio and Video Formats
  • Play Movies with the HTML5 video Element
  • Play Sound with the HTML5 audio Element

CWD4082 - 廣東話 25 Aug enrol
CWD4094 - 廣東話 07 Sep enrol
  Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design
  Diploma in Web Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices
  Photoshop in Web Production

CSS3 Module

CSS Basics

  • Benefits of Cascading Style Sheets
  • CSS Rules, Selectors
  • Precedence of Selectors
  • The Cascade
  • Creating an Embedded Style Sheet
  • Creating an External Style Sheet
  • Adding Inline Styles
  • Media Types
  • Divs and Spans
  • Units of Measurement


  • Font-family, Font-size, Font-style
  • Font Style, Font Variant and Font Weight
  • Letter and Word Spacing
  • Line-height
  • Text-align, decoration, indent
  • Text-transform, Vertical-align

Working with Objects and Boxes

  • About Color Values
  • Color, Background-color
  • Background-image
  • Colors and Backgrounds
  • Borders, Margin and Padding

Custom Cursors

  • Cursor Styles
  • Custom Cursors
  • Using Custom Cursors

Working with Navigation Menu

  • Pseudo-classes
  • CSS Button Links
  • Modifying Links
  • Using list properties
  • Block display
  • In-line display

Javascript Module

Getting Started with JavaScript

  • JavaScript Programming Overview
  • JavaScript and HTML: Using the SCRIPT Tag
  • Hiding Scripts from Non-JavaScript Browsers

Variables and Operators

  • Variables and Data Types Overview
  • Using Data Types, Variables, and Operators
  • Using Comments in JavaScript
  • Defining Arrays

Functions and Objects

  • Using Built-in Functions
  • Creating Custom Functions
  • Using Methods

Control Statements

  • Controlling the flow - JavaScript Control Statements
  • Using Control Statements and Loops
  • Using Loops
  • Conditional Statements: If...Else
  • Using the For...In Loop
  • Using the Break Statement
  • Using the Continue Statement

The Window Object

  • The Window Object
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Window Manipulations

The Document Object

  • The Document Object
  • Writing to Documents
  • Dynamic Documents

Events Handling

  • Using JavaScript Events
  • OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut
  • OnLoad, OnUnLoad
  • OnSubmit, OnClick

Working with Forms

  • The Form Object
  • Reading Data from Form Elements
  • Validating Data with Event Handlers
  • String Methods Used in Input Validation
  • Form-Level Validation

Validating Form Data

  • A General Approach
  • Testing for Required Fields
  • Validating Numeric Data