Certificate in Desktop Publishing

Indesign is a professional desktop publishing tool for serious designers. It has excellent PDF support, strong typographic controls, table creation and import, expanded OpenType support, good EPS previews, unique transparency controls, XML export and long-document features. It is also packed with illustrator-style drawing functions by which designers can compose creative contents and save time from switching back and forth with other design softwares. Working seamlessly with Photoshop and Illustrator makes Indesign even a more productive tool and can streamline the workflow.

What you’ll learn

  • Module 1: InDesign 

  • Course Topics:  

    • The Document Window - rulers, margins, guides, X and Y coordinates, ruler origin, pasteboard and page views.
    • Using Palettes - align, attributes, character, colour, layers, library, links, navigator, pages, paragraph and character styles, story, stroke, swatches, table, tabs palettes.
    • Document Setup - layout options, grids, zoom and hand tools, controlling windows and saving documents.
    • Working with Text - creating text frames, typeface, point size, line, character spacing, alignment, indents, hanging indents, kerning, tracking, leading.
    • Working with Objects - types of frames, basic shapes, selecting, altering, aligning, step and repeat, transforming, grouping and locking objects.
    • Working in Colour - creating Pantone (spot) and CMYK (process) colours, appending, swatches, gradients, tints, defining, storing, swatch libraries
    • Styling Objects - fills, strokes, corner effects, transparency, drop shadows, feathering, using the eyedropper.
    • Text Effects - wrapping text, text on a path, paragraph rules.
    • Imported Graphics - placing artwork, specialty _frames, image import options, fitting, clipping paths, applying effects to images.
    • Layers - working with layers, creating, duplicating and deleting layers, layer options. overprint preview features
    • Tabs and Tables - tab characters, tab stops, leaders, creating tables, table options, cell options, strokes and fills.
    • Exporting - file options, creating PDF files, PDF styles, exporting text.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts - Macintosh and PC
    • Menu Items and Preferences overview.

    Module 2: Advanced InDesign

    Using baseline grid

    • setting the baseline grid distance
    • locking paragraphs to the baseline grid
    • grid threshold

    Advanced settings on justifications and hyphenation

    • word spacing – minimum, desired and maximum
    • letter spacing – minimum, desired and maximum
    • single word justification
    • hyphenation options – after first, before last, hyphen limit
    • hyphenation zone

    Keep options

    • widnow and orphan control
    • keeping title and body text together
    • start paragraphs
    • widow and orphan control

    Paragraph rules

    • rule before and after
    • using rule to create title text effect

    More about find and change

    • changing text attributes
    • wildcard searching
    • changing styles


    • using pen tool
    • using pathfinder – add, substract, overlap


    • data merge

    Text variable

    • define variable
    • insert variable

    More on styles

    • objects styles
    • table styles


    • create your own libraries
    • using libraries
    • storing objects and retrieving objects

    Managing long document

    • using book function
    • how to synchronize styles and colour swatches in different documents
    • table of contents
    • numbering and section
    • creating index


    • using printer styles function
    • preflight and package


    • keyboard shortcuts
    • menu

      Diploma Course in Computer Graphic Design
      Diploma in Web Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices