What you’ll learn

Keynote outline 

  • Creating a Presentation
  • Slide layout setup
  • Outlining a Presentation in Keynote
  • Working with Presenter Notes in Keynote
  • Printing Handouts
  • Text formatting
  • Selecting a Master Slide
  • Slide layout background color
  • Inserting a company logo etc to every slides
  • Creating transitions between slides
  • Creating 2D and 3D transitions in Keynote
  • Creating object effects transitions
  • Running your Keynote presentation
  • Creating a Self-Running Slideshow
  • Pausing and resuming a slideshow in Keynote
  • Rehearsing your presentation
  • Using text effects transitions
  • Inserting a table
  • Adding a chart
  • Creating interleaved builds in Keynote
  • Creating a Smart Build
  • Creating custom animations into your Keynote presentation
  • Creating an themes in Keynote
  • Animating a table in Keynote
  • Creating a title slide for your Keynote presentation
  • Creating builds to reveal text in your Keynote presentation

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