Advanced Word

Advanced Word Course

The Advanced Word Course is designed for existing Word users who want to take their skill set to next level. A wide range of advanced features such as section, multiple columns, mail merge, photos, caption, table of contents will be discussed.

After completing the advanced Word training course, you will be able to manage and compose a long document with impressive layout and design. It is an ideal training course for users they want to prepare books, newsletters, proposals and format rich articles.

Advanced Word Course

What you’ll learn

Mail Merge

  • Creating Mail document
  • Print Merge Command
  • Merge Helper
  • Check for Errors
  • Send to Printer
  • Send to Document
  • Creating Mailing Label

More Advanced in Mail Merge

  • Using the Mail Merge function (If, If...Else, etc...)
  • Ignore the Blank Lines in Mailing Label

Customizing Word

  • Customizing Menu Commands
  • Using Commands Dialog Box
  • Adding a New Menu
  • To remove items from the Work menu
  • Create a Setting files
  • Using Setting file
  • Restoring the Original Word Settings

Working with Photos

  • Creating Graphics in Word
  • Importing photos
  • Photos editing - scale, cropping
  • Adding Photo effects

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Converting File Format

  • Text File Format
  • Opening Files Created in Other Applications
  • Saving Word Document in Another File Format

Advanced Page Formatting with Section

  • Insert a section break
  • Fixing Columns
  • Formatting Section Texts
  • Creating multi-columns documents
  • Creating newspaper style documents
  • Mixing different columns

Drafting contents with Outline View

  • Understanding an Outline’s Structure
  • Reorganising contents
  • Outline
  • Using level icons

Indexes and Table of Contents

  • Creating a Table of Contents from an Outline
  • Creating a Table of Contents by using contents codes
  • Creating an Index