Advanced PowerPoint Training Course

Advanced PowerPoint Course

For those who are already familiar with the basics of PowerPoint, they will start thinking to convey information clearly without much glitz. But the secret of success is lying on how fast you can transform a basic presentation into a professional one. In this advanced PowerPoint training course, candidates will learn the time saving techniques to build their presentation as well as using advanced features to polish their presentations and transform basic presentations into a powerful means of communication.

Classes are available in English or Cantonese and are held in daytime or evening time.

Advanced PowerPoint Course

What you’ll learn

More animation effects of slides presentation

  • Text animation by level, by word and by groups
  • Controlling the timing of text animation
  • Controlling the order of text animaiton
  • Tips of creating your own styles of animation

Working with Chart / MS Excel Chart

  • Creating a chart
  • Changing chart type
  • Formatting data
  • Adding title text to a chart
  • Adding data label
  • Add, resize, move of arrow
  • Adding horizontal and vertical Gridlines
  • Creating a 3D chart
  • Setting the angle view of a 3D chart
  • Importing Excel Charts and linking the Charts

Creating infographic from SmartArt

  • Modify the SmartArt objects
  • Advanced skills and technique of using SmartArt

Working with Organisation Chart

  • Creating Organisation chart on an existing slide
  • Naming the Chart
  • Adding subordinates to the organisation chart
  • Fill the pattern and line color to the chart

Animation effects on Chart and Organisation Chart

  • Using and applying the predefined effects
  • Animating bar or column chart
  • Animating bullet point text
  • Animating organization charts

Creating interactive buttons by Action Buttons

  • Using action buttons
  • Create navigation menu by action buttons
  • Control and jump the presentation sequences
  • Adding URL link, files link to the buttons

Embedding video and audio files

  • Working with audio files and control the playing methods
  • Working with video files, and video trimming etc
  • Embedding YouTube video link and playback

APP40814 - 廣東話 03 Aug enrol
APP40817 - 廣東話 08 Aug enrol
APP40816 - Eng 13 Aug enrol
APP40815 - 廣東話 18 Aug enrol
APP40813 - 廣東話 29 Aug enrol
  Certificate in Microsoft Powerpoint
  Excel I
  Word I

More text effects

  • Using the Word Art to create 3D text, shadow text, banner, etc
  • Using the Equations Editor to create any mathematics equation

Creating company presentation templates

  • Using the template files
  • Creating company template files
  • Creating master templates, master title styles or text styles
  • Template background creation ( inserting graphic or using pattern)

Sharing your presentation

  • Converting a PDF file for sharing
  • Creating your presentation to a video
  • Package Presentation for CD