Advanced Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop Course

The Advanced Photoshop training course is for students who already have the basic knowledge in Photoshop and want to pursuit more advanced features and time saving techniques.

After finishing the training course, students will be able to work with wider range of work and can perform more complex work.

It is an ideal training course for digital photographers, graphic designers and web designers.

Two different classes are available and they are the class for Apple Macintosh or for Windows. Students can choose any one of them.

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What you’ll learn


  • About channels
  • Channels palette overview
  • Show or hide a channel
  • Show colour channels in colour
  • Select, edit and delete channels

Saving selections and using masks

  • About masks and alpha channels
  • Create a temporary quick mask
  • Create and edit alpha channel masks
  • Save and load selections

Vanishing Point

  • About Vanishing Point
  • Vanishing Point dialog box overview
  • Work in Vanishing Point
  • About perspective planes and the grid
  • Define and adjust perspective planes in Vanishing Point
  • About selections in Vanishing Point
  • Fill selections with another area of an image
  • Copy selections in Vanishing Point
  • Paste an item into Vanishing Point

Advance use of layers

  • Masking layers
  • Bitmap mask
  • Vector mask
  • Clipping mask
  • About layer and vector masks
  • Add layer masks
  • Edit a layer mask
  • Select and display the layer mask channel
  • Disable or enable a layer mask
  • Change the layer mask rubylith color or opacity
  • Add and edit vector masks
  • Unlinking layers and masks
  • Apply or delete a layer mask
  • Load a layer or layer mask’s boundaries as a selection
  • Mask layers with clipping masks
  • Combine multiple images into a group portrait

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APS4085 - 廣東話 10 Aug enrol
APS4087 - 廣東話 17 Aug enrol
APS4089 - 廣東話 20 Aug enrol
APS4086 - 廣東話 28 Aug enrol
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Create panoramic images

  • About Photomerge
  • Take pictures for use with Photomerge
  • Create a Photomerge composition
  • Create a photomerge interactively

Smart Objects

  • About Smart Objects
  • Create Smart Objects and edit content of a Smart Object
  • Duplicate a Smart Object
  • Convert a Smart Object to a layer
  • Replace the contents of a Smart Object
  • Export the contents of a Smart Object

Smart Filters

  • About Smart Filters
  • Reorder, duplicate, or delete Smart Filters
  • Hide Smart Filters
  • About placing files
  • Apply a Smart Filter

Managing paths

  • Paths palette overview
  • Create a new path in the Paths palette
  • Create a new work path
  • Manage paths

Editing paths

  • Path segments, components, and points
  • Select a path
  • Adjust path segments
  • Adjust path components
  • Add or delete anchor points
  • Convert between smooth points and corner points

Converting between paths and selection borders

  • Convert paths to selection borders
  • Convert a selection to a path

Time-saving features

  • Content Aware Fill
  • Content Aware Scale
  • Refine Edges