Advanced Excel VBA Training Course

The Advanced Excel VBA training course is the second level of our Excel VBA training course series. It will teach you the skills to develop better VBA application. You will learn how to use custom-made forms to validate the data entry and improve the end-users experience. Several advanced topics like event programming and debugging techniques are also included which can help you to build a more robust VBA system.

Different practical examples and exercises are used thorough the class and the adoption of small class size approach can ensure the best learning result. Students should complete our Excel VBA course or possess equivalent knowledge of the subject.

What you’ll learn

Working with Arrays

  • Declaring arrays
  • Declaring multidimensional arrays
  • Declaring dynamic arrays

Working with UserForm

  • Creating a userForm
  • Calling a userForm
  • Hiding a userForm
  • Adding CommandButtons / OptionButtons
  • Adding Event-handler procedure
  • Introducing userForm control types
  • –Text box, button, list box, checkbox, combo box
  • Verifying Field Entry
  • Collect userForm Controls input
  • Filling userForm Controls with user data

Events Programming

  • Disable/Enable Events
  • Events for Worksheet
  • Events for Workbook
  • Events for userForm Controls
  • Events for application
  • Events Not Associated with Objects
  • onTime Event / KeyPress Event

Error Handling Techniques

  • On Error statement
  • Resuming after an error
  • Identifying specific errors

Working with Microsoft Access

  • Understanding Access Object Model and Key Object
  • Establishing ADODB connection
  • Creating Recordset
  • Importing data from Access file
  • Adding, updating, removing records in Access tables

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