Advanced Access Training Course

Advanced Access Training Course

The Advanced Access training course targets existing Access users they are already familiar with Access to construct tables and forms but want to use the Access to process and analyze data, or to prepare management reports. After finishing the course, delegates will be able to create queries to manage data and to create a one touch button reports

Advanced Access Training Course

You'll Learn

Using Access Query

  • Query overview
  • Running a Query
  • Creating Query using Query Wizard
  • Designing a customized Query

Using Advanced Query Features

  • Joining Tables in Queries
  • Creating a calculated field
  • On demand Query
  • Other Options-specify criteria, sort records, calculate totals, set properties
  • Aggregate queries
  • About aggregate functions ( group by , expression, where )

Using Action Queries

  • make-table queries,
  • delete queries,
  • append queries,
  • update queries

Report and Report Design

  • Report overview
  • Working with reports
  • Creating, Modifying a Report
  • Standard Report by Report Wizard (AutoReport)

Using Advanced Report Features

  • Designing Customized Report
  • Adding calculate totals and averages
  • Customize controls
  • Customzed headers and footers
  • Grouping and Sorting records
  • Creating On-Demand Reports
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AAC4102 - 廣東話 18 Oct enrol
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