Acrobat Pro training course by Computer Academy

PDF is the most popular file format used to share contents on network. Acrobat is the software to edit or creating PDF files from Microsoft Office.

The course will teach users how to create, edit and manage PDF files. After finishing the course, users will be able to create PDF files from different files, editing, adding, deleting and sorting pages, creating forms and using passwords to protect their files from viewing, selecting, copying or printing.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to manage, edit and share their contents.

What you’ll learn

Converting to PDF files

  • Export a PDF file from MS-Office and other softwares
  • Print to a PDF file from applications

Different of screen viewing and printing

  • Choosing the output quality

Modifying a PDF file

  • Combining Files into a PDF file
  • Inserting pages
  • Deleing pages
  • Sorting pages
  • Adding header and footer
  • Adding watermark
  • Adding background color and background image
  • Adding text box
  • Editing document text
  • Editing Object

Navigation a PDF file

  • Adding bookmaks
  • Adding links
  • Setting initial view of a PDF file

Creating a form

  • Add and edit form fields
  • Fields properties
  • Text formatting
  • Fields border
  • Fields validate

Security of a PDF

  • Encrypt with Password
  • Setting of encryption level
  • Permission of allowing
  • Printing
  • Copy of text, images and other content

Special tools

  • Typewriter tool
  • Measuring tool
  • Adding multimedia files
  • Sound and movies files

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