Access Training Course

Microsoft Access Training Course

The Access training course will start with the concepts and terminology, then moving up to various parts of Access which include using relational database concept to link up multiple tables, building data queries, using parametric queries, writing queries criteria, linking tables, queries, forms and reports to form a whole database system.

After finishing the course, students will know how to streamline and automate the data processing, exchanging data between Access and Excel, consolidating data from different tables and summarize the result in a well-structured report. Since Access data file can be used and processed at the same time by different users, it is an ideal tool for businesses they want to share the database system across workgroups.

Students can choose daytime and evening classes, and don’t require tohave prior knowledge in Access or database.

Microsoft Access Training Course

You'll Learn

General Concepts about Access

  • Database software vs Spreadsheet software
  • Access Database Objects discussion
  • Defining your own Access database

Exploring Tables

  • Exploring different tables views
  • Working with Tables in Datasheet View
  • Working with Tables in Design View
  • Creating and customizing tables

Working with Fields

  • Setting up Fields
  • Setting up Data Type
  • Setting up Properties
  • Add/Delete/Move Fields
  • Setting up Primary Key
  • Setting up Index
  • Setting up Relationships
  • Setting up Combo Box to lookup data
  • Data validation settings

Working with Records

  • Add, Edit, Delete and Filter Records
  • Copy, Move Data
  • Find, Replace, Filter by Form, Sort Data

Relational Database

  • Concept of relational database
  • One to one / one to many / many to many relational
  • Constructing relationship among tables

Form and Form Design

  • Creating and Using Forms
  • Standard Form by Form Wizard (AutoForm)
  • Designing a Customized Form
  • Using the form tools
  • Using controls
  • Enhancing Form-title, page number, header & footer

Exchange Information with Other Data Sources

  • Importing, exporting and Linking Excel data
  • Importing, exporting and Linking Access objects

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WAC4094 - 廣東話 27 Sep enrol
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