R Programming

R is a scripting language for data analysis. It is both flexible and powerful that gains the supports from many data miners and statisticians. With the large set of statistical and graphical functions, results from the statistical analysis can be displayed either on the screen or export for subsequent analyses. Graphics can be exported to various file formats for presentation. The fast growing and high demand of R in the data analysis fields can explain why it is consistently highly ranked on the most wanted programming language.

You'll Learn

R Basics

  • Getting and Installing R
  • Arithmetic and Boolean Operators
  • Data type in R

Working with Vectors

  • Scalers, Vectors, Arrays and Matrices
  • Declarations and Recyling
  • Vector Arithmetic and Logical Operations
  • Vector Indexing
  • Using : operator , seq() and rep()
  • Using all() and any()
  • Vectorized Operations

Manipulating Strings

  • Using Special Characters
  • Changing Case
  • Extracting Substring
  • Splitting Strings

Matrices and Arrays

  • Creating Matrices
  • Performing Linear Algebra Operations on Matrices
  • Filtering on Matrices
  • Operations on Matrix Rows and Columns


  • Creating Lists
  • Lists Operations
  • Applying Functions to Lists

Data Frames

  • Creating Data Frames
  • Indexing Data Frames
  • Basic Data Frame Manipulation
  • Extracting Subdata Frames


  • UDF and Calling Functions
  • Passing Functions to and from other Functions
  • Setting Default Arguments
  • Returning Values

Factors and Tables

  • Creating Factors
  • Changing, Dropping Factor Levels
  • Conversion between Continuous and Categorical Variables
  • Combining Factors

Flow Control and Loops

  • If and else
  • Vectorized if
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Repeat Loop
  • Looping Over Lists
  • Looping Over Arrays

Data In / Out

  • Working with Files
  • Reading Files
  • Working with a file's contents
  • Writing to a File
  • Accessing the Keyboard

Error Handling

  • Messages, Warnings and Errors
  • Setting Breakpoints
  • Tracking with trace()

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