3d Studio Max Training Course

3d Studio Max Training Course

This 3D Studio Max training course ( or 3ds Max ) is the first level of our 3d training series. Students will learn how to build models with different methods and export the finished work into graphical files after rendering. The files can then be placed on the other marketing projects. Wide ranges of easy to follow examples are used to help students to understand the software and the small class size ensures every student can be taken care.

Designers or persons requiring 3d visualization will find this course useful, and it is suitable for game, interior, graphic or product design industries.

Classes are offered in daytime or evening.

3d Studio Max Training Course

What you’ll learn


  • 立體空間的認識如座標系統(Coordinate System)及角度控制等
  • 平面線條(Shape)的繪製及修改基本形(Parametric Object)的建立及修改
  • 基本製模工具如拉厚(Extrude)、斜角(Bevel)及迴旋(Lathe)等
  • 以軌跡延伸(Loft)及網面(Patch)建立不規則形狀及自由曲面
  • 使用Edit Mesh在點、線及面的層次編輯物體
  • 物體變型功能如傾斜(Shear)、拗曲(Bend)、拉扯(Affect Region)、扭曲(Twist)及斜入(Taper)等
  • 隨機變型效果如Noise及Displace等
  • 物體結合功能—布林運算(Boolean operations)
  • 物體排列功能—陣列(Array)及沿軌跡複製(Snapshot)


  • 基本質感設定:反光(Diffuse)、高光(Specular highlight)、反映(Reflection)、螢光(Glow)、不透明(Opacity)及折射(Refraction)等
  • 運用表面材質(Surface texture)及實體材質(Procedural texture)為物體加上紋理
  • 不同類型影像貼圖之使用,例如:反光貼圖(Diffuse map)、高光貼圖(Specular map)、反映貼圖(Reflection map)、透明貼圖(Opacity map)等
  • 各種貼圖技巧如平面、柱型、球體及立方貼圖等
  • 加入各種類型之燈光:太陽光(Distant light)、燈泡光(Omni light)及射燈(Spotlight)
  • 調校燈光設定如顏色、明暗度、衰減(Falloff)、陰影、光柱(Volumetric effect)、影像投射(Image projection)及光暈(Lens flare)等


  • 以主畫面(Keyframe)方式建立動畫

W3M4085 - 廣東話 19 Aug enrol
W3M4087 - 廣東話 20 Aug enrol
W3M4086 - 廣東話 29 Aug enrol
W3M4094 - 廣東話 25 Sep enrol
W3M4109 - 廣東話 21 Oct enrol
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